Allan (Swami) Ajaya, PhD

Dr. Ajaya has the unique distinction of being both a licensed clinical psychologist and a  Swami. Allan Ajaya or Swami Ajaya, as he is also known, received his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley and was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin, Department of Psychiatry. He has served on the graduate faculties of the University of Wisconsin and the Himalayan Institute. He has studied with leading innovators of experiential  psychotherapy including Carl Whitaker, Ron Kurtz (the developer of Hakomi therapy), Arnold Mindell, and David Grove. 

In 1972 he was initiated as a Swami in the Himalayan tradition by Swami Rama. This initiation took place in Rishikesh, on the banks of the Ganges, on Shivaratri, a sacred holy day. As Swami Ajaya, he spent years in India studying and teaching yoga and meditation. He has authored and edited several landmark texts that integrate Eastern and Western approaches to healing the whole person. For a complete list of Allan's books click here.

Dr. Ajaya has also researched the effectiveness of entheogens in releasing dysfunctional patterns in the body-mind. He is currently writing a book that demonstrates how entheogens, self inquiry, and psychotherapy complement one another in releasing identification with the constricted self and opening to being awareness. 

Watch Dr. Ajaya in discussion at The State University of New York - Oneonta.

He is a caring psychotherapist and mentor who sponsors you in welcoming and integrating all aspects of being. 

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In the west we tend to view yoga in one of two ways as a form of spiritual philosophy or as a technique of physical development. Only in recent years have we come to realize that yoga is also a psychological system and method for the expansion of consciousness enabling an individual to reach new levels of understanding and self-actualization. 

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